Smart Pilates ATL was created to deliver the highest level Aof education, empowerment, and focus for each client as they work to achieve holistic wellness. Our results-oriented team has deep experience, education and passion, which drives them to effectively deliver quality service. 

  • Your Zumba teacher can get you dancing and sweating to the most energetic salsa music, but can also calculate the micros and macros of your meals.
  • Your Pilates instructor is also a physician that can advise on what supplement might help with your insomnia.
  • Your natural foods chef can educate you on phytochemicals, phytonutrients, and home composting— all while cutting up onions.
  • With instructors this educated, you get more out of your session, and achieve wellness goals faster. 

Our Instructors


Dr. Gina Gonzalez Johnson

Founder and Director

Dr. Gonzalez Johnson has been practicing holistic family medicine in Atlanta for over 13 years and is a certified Mat Power Pilates instructor.  She is the CEO of South Atlanta Integrative Medicine, our partner medical practice. She has been a dancer, Olympic ambassador and hopeful for the U.S. Virgin Islands and an All American hurdler and long jumper. She combines her holistic medical knowledge and athletic expertise in the service she provides each client.   

Pilates is Dr. Gonzalez Johnson’s love and passion. It is easy on the joints, strengthens the core, creates long lean muscle tone, and can be practiced by anyone. Dr. Gonzalez Johnson has been doing pilates for over 12 years and is certain that the core strengthening exercises of Power Pilates has kept her abdominal muscles toned, her posture strong and functional ability maintained even after 3 children.  


Jamel Thompson

Plant-based nutrition chef

An Atlanta native, Jamel Thompson is a specialist in indigenous vegetation, medicinal herbs and alternative mineral resources-- he is a modern day Medicine Man. One of few nutritionists with experience in gardening probiotics and herbs, Jamel welcomes the opportunity to educate and teach the application of healthy food choices as medicine for the body.

Jamel has presented at a number of healthy living seminars, workshops, and food demonstrations in association with Wholefoods, Sevananda Natural Food Market, and Truly Living farm. He also shares his passion for food with nutritional programs at various elementary schools.

Jamel is the CEO of Urban Detox Universal Inc (UDU), responding to the needs of Greater Atlanta Area communities dealing with Childhood Obesity, Psychological-, Physiological-, and Drug- related illnesses, Local Poverty, Farming and Fitness problems. UDU works to spread awareness by hosting food demonstrations, yoga and meditation classes, doing sweat lodges for veterans, building sustainable farms in elementary schools, and working with Local and State Politicians to address these issues.

Charmaine Vazquez

Master fitness and wellness instructor

Charmaine is one of South Georgia’s most sought after, multi-credentialed professional fitness innovators. After the joy of working in the medical field for close to 10 years, Charmaine felt called to lead others in preventative care. Charmaine currently holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Health and Wellness and currently pursuing her Master’s in Health Education. Some of Charmaine’s certifications include Personal training, Group fitness instructor, sports nutrition support specialist, lifestyle behavioral coaching, Barre Above, and Yoga

Charmaine has learned the balance of being a wife, and raising 3 very active children, and practices many forms of yoga multiple times a week to stay grounded and balanced. Charmaine has a passion for being a positive influence and safely enhancing the health and wellness of each student she comes in contact with. 




Blayke has come to Smart Pilates ATL after graduating from Georgia Massage School in 2015. She specializes in Orthopedic Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Deep Tissue, and Swedish Massage. Blayke has been trained in Anatomy and Physiology for four years and holds education in Kinesiology Concepts to bring you a bodywork experience like never before. Before Massage School, Blayke attended Georgia College and State University to get a Nursing background to gain a solid foundation of health and wellness. Her well-rounded resume includes Psychology, Human Growth and Development, and Public Health, coming together to form a great mind and body connection that enhances her client’s experience and care.

Blayke’s nurturing demeanor invites clients to feel safe and comfortable during their massage session. The need to comfort and care for her clients stems from her journey with Celiac Disease, and finding alternative health practices to achieve the best results for recovery. Many people turn to massage to find relaxation but the benefits are endless! Blayke works with clients suffering from everything from Anxiety to Lupus to Cancer. At each end of the spectrum, Massage can help.


Plant-based nutritional consultant

At an early age and still today, Kerri Dawkins remains the go-to person for her family, friends and acquaintances for health advice, strategies and encouragement related to better eating and personal growth.

As a Plant-Based Nutrition Consultant, Kerri provides individuals and families with the necessary knowledge and tools to feel empowered in successfully shifting into a holistic Plant-based lifestyle. She created her company, Green Shift, in the winter of 2015 but her passion and zeal for conscious, natural living has always been a part of her DNA. She is a 2012 graduate of Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, Georgia, but her education did not stop there. She completed the Rouxbe Plant-based Nutrition Certification and consistently continues sifting through any research related to Nutrition, Physical and Mind, Body collaboration, Spiritual Awareness and Life Coaching education to provide balanced-well rounded services to her clients. Kerri Dawkins currently lives and works in Fayetteville, Georgia and seeks to impact Atlanta through fun, simple and affordable food articulation to improve the over-all wellness of self. Some people choose what they do, and others walk in their purpose. That’s what Kerri has always done; this is her calling. 


Jorge Gonzalez Jr.

Licensed therapeutic massage therapist and instructor

Jorge Gonzalez Jr. has been a massage therapist and an instructor of massage therapy for over 7 years. He attended the Florida College of Natural Health where he received an A.S. Degree in Natural Health, specializing in Advanced Massage Therapy.  After completing 1149 hours of advanced sports medicine and neuromuscular massage training, he began a career as an instructor. He has worked in the chiropractic field, treating many patients with back injuries, sciatica, joint and muscle dysfunction, and frozen shoulder. He was an accomplished athlete in his youth, (playing soccer and swimming on the US Virgin Islands Dolphins team with San Antonio Spurs player Tim Duncan) and that passion for sports led him to pursue sports massage training.

Jorge is a master at identifying musculoskeletal dysfunction through the art of palpation. He has been able to speed up the recovery of injured clients due to his keen ability to find problem areas during a massage session.  Jorge is exceptional at Swedish massage, deep tissue, trigger point, reflexology and neuromuscular massage.  Jorge loves his work; it is a passion and a calling.  His belief is that the connection between a client and their therapist is the most critical component to a positive health experience. He says that each session is a recharging of one’s system—his clients’ and his own.